About Us


ITF is the leader in the oil exploration and production industry. We are just a small company before that began its exploration and transition into a large international company that is capable of operating on its own in just a few years after we started.

ITF is one of the largest privately existing companies in the States that is operating successfully both domestically and internationally. ITF began its career and success in the Texas oil fields. Today, we are proud to represent a company that is actively involved in the exploration and production of oil in numerous areas not only in the states but all over the world. We are also proud to become a recipient of many awards regarding this field in both the local and international scenes for years. In our years of operation in the oil and gas industry, we never stopped dreaming for the future generation. The company has a mission and vision to always strive to do our best to make our goals happen. We want to become the leader that respected is throughout the world for its quality and competency not only in terms of the services and the products that we provide but also with the people who really are working inside the company. The core values of the company are not forgotten as we implement our rules of respect to each other, humility to each individual, provide community-centric services, unparalleled creativity, honesty, and integrity.

ITF also open its doors to business opportunities and business ventures to maximize the ITF’s resources to young individuals who are competitive and ready to step higher in the industry. Please email your information to us and let us know your intentions so we can know and talk about it personally and professionally to the higher authority of the ITF company. We suggest also that you keep on browsing all the pages available to you to know all the information about us.

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