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Q: What is the plan for shaping innovative technology in ITF?

A: The ITF have strongly and consistently advocated the innovative technology not only in Texas and the state of America but the whole world to supply with a greener and cleaner fuel. This is happening now and we hope all the oil company in the world will do the same thing, cooperate and obey the policy to provide quality, cleaner and greener oil for the future generation.

Q: Who might benefit the most of ITF oil?

A: ITF oil company is providing oil in different countries even outside the state as this is the main goal of the company. However, we are committed to prioritizing the country of Texas since the first day we started and keep the state with better quality and nature’s friendly oil and gas.

Q: Is there any effect on ITF exporting oil internationally?

A: Yes, there are lots of effect on it but not only in ITF, but it also affects the economy of Texas in good ways. We will always help and supply oil and gas to the country’s neighbors.

Q: Is ITF has a gas station?

A: Thank you for asking that question! ITF has a wide number of branches everywhere not only in Texas but also in all other cities in the state of America. We do hope that you will support our branches as well as the projects we are taking for the people.

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