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Innovation & Technology Through Oil & Gas

Kerosene, Gas, and Oil are the primary sources for lightning. But when the electric light bulb was invented, it is evident that the use of oil and gas nearly disappeared. In fact, in the advent of an internal combustion engine, a new form of technology was created. As you all know, it is the oil which dominates the market already until today.

All over the world, oil is considered to be a primary source of power that makes people’s daily lives more convenient. Kerosene, Gas, and Oil have various uses that make an individual’s life more complete. For instance for gas, your car in your garage door in Texas which you use as a mode of transportation is highly dependent to this before it can function. Cooking requires kerosene and for oil, it also has a variety of uses.

We, the ITF company which is one of the largest oil and gas sectors in the US, are always been wide open to innovation and every kind of modern technology. Technological advances have continuously formed its shape in every stage of the industry – from exploration right through to last and final usage and we make sure to utilize and maximize them all. Research shows how oil and gas have taken advantage the technological innovation related to energy and general application. That’s why, we, in ITF company, strives to give our very best to create a new technology through the use of oil and gas. We are open to any business venture and project opportunities to expand our project. If you are ready to collaborate with us through our projects, please visit us personally at our company in Texas. However, if you don’t have time to visit us, you can always send us messages informing us of your interest in our craft.

Today, in this world, technology is being pursued and applied primarily to the market as soon as possible to maintain or enhance the industry’s efficiency and competitiveness. While this technology dominates continuously the market, we in the oil company especially ITF oil company in Texas is investing in new products called hydrogen and renewables. This is also our way to support the global energy transition to a greener, cleaner and brighter future of generation and the world even though there is just a small proportion of our companies’ portfolio, as the commercial benefits are less secured. We will do our best to create more or participate in an innovative technology that will be creating more ventures which aim is to protect nature and the generations to come.


We all know the fact that oil creates undesirable things to our nature and generation but keep in mind that we are all doing our best to at least minimize the effect of it. We are also being careful in our move. We would love to know your idea about shaping an innovative technology. We will open our mind and thoughts about your idea and even collaborate with you if you have something fresh and effective to share to us. Please visit us or send us an email regarding this matter.

We are hoping for your next visit to our site and please take time to browse this website to know what ITF is currently up to.

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