Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

Automatic garage doors are a heavenly blessing when you are in rush and need the fastest way to approach the drive-through and just runoff. Well, as with other electric things, old garage doors tend to be general wear and tear. Due to extreme dust and grease, the components of the garage door will malfunction one day or another. Before calling your garage door technician, conduct a detailed inspection to see if you can handle the malfunctioning on your own. Visit here https://newtowngaragedoorrepairs.com/ to learn more about garage door problems and its solutions you might encounter:

Noisy garage door: A louder garage door is indeed a serious problem especially if your living room is just near or above the garage. Inspect the garage door thoroughly to see if there is accumulated dust or dirt on garage door rollers or tracks. Most often than not, a good cleaning, brushing, and an application of good lubricant will work. You should also try to tighten the loose screws, bolts, and nuts which are attached to the walls of the garage.

Loose moving components or tracks do not only lead to louder sounds but could potentially cause a bigger problem which might need a costly repair. In serious situations, you will have to replace the hinges and rollers of the garage door. With the passage of time, the holes in the hinges tend to become worn, damaged, shaped differently, or become bigger than they should be. In some critical situations, garage door repair should be handled by professionals.

Frozen garage door: Winter is the right time when you will appreciate the convenience of your garage door which opens and closes using a button or remote. During winter, the extreme cold weather tends to make the situation harder. The extreme freezing air can cause the frozen garage door to the floor. Sometimes, the icy connection between the garage door and the ground may break once you push the button.

But in other situations, the garage door simply just won’t run upward. Pressing the button harder lots of time won’t make the garage door move. In this case, you will get a burnt motor or damaged hinge. Here the technician might charge you more for the fixing project. You can use some tricks to let the icy connection melt. Use warm water or a hairdryer for this purpose. You can also chip the tine layer of ice manually using a shovel without damaging the bottom.

Safety sensors are not responding: The placement and adjustment of garage door sensors play an important role in making your garage door functional. But when the garage door is opened or closed continuously, chances are there that the safety sensors tend to be displaced or misaligned. It is important to keep the sensor in a good working position.

To adjust the position of the sensors, you will have to move a little bit. You can easily adjust the position of the safety sensor to place them at a place where it should be.  It is probably an easier task related to DIY garage door repair. These devices are powered by electricity. This is why; it is always advisable to call an experienced garage door technician to avoid accidents and further problems while fixing a garage door. Don’t forget that electrocution is a serious life threat.

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